Dumb Down Your Strategy To Grow Your Business

Smart people in business have a tendency to choose complex paths which ends up burning them out faster. By going down the more difficult route, they are potentially harming their businesses' growth trajectory.

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Over at small business blog Flying Solo, Dave Gillen discusses why some smart people seem to under-perform when they run their own companies. He said people with a higher level of intelligence usually juggle too many tasks, are too strict on themselves and strive to accomplish too many things at once:

Our brain being such a cool gadget, we think we should use it as much as possible. But it clearly tends to choose paths that are too complex and difficult to manage.

Gillen recommends dumbing down your strategy by identifying a goal and setting out simpler tasks to achieve it. For example, if your goal is to be the most well-known person your desired market, you can do this by simply knocking on doors to introduce yourself. You could use a more advanced strategy but there is no need to.

You can read more about this topic over at Flying Solo.

[Via Flying Solo]


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