Video Briefly: Hilarious News Bloopers, Age Of Ultron Clip, Harry Potter Rap

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Best TED talks, funny news bloopers, Daniel Radcliffe raps his spectacles off.

  • TED is a nonprofit organisation that brings together thought leaders from around the globe to give short, 18-minute talks about ideas that could change the world. Business Insider has assembled a list of the 20 most popular TED talks, based on online views.
  • Microsoft and Sony have produced top-flight consoles for this new generation of gaming, but there are some key differences that might help you decide to buy one over the other. This Gizmodo video has the answers.
  • Feel like a giggle? Here are the funniest news bloopers from the month. (Warning: contains swearing and maybe some dildos.)
  • A hidden camera tracking a woman walking through New York has revealed the shocking harassment and objectification meted out on women from male strangers. Over ten hours, the woman, who was dressed conservatively and never initiated eye-contact, was verbally harassed more than 100 times. Click here to see the highlights.
  • Marvel Studios has released a new clip for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Watch it here.
  • Ever wondered how KFC actually makes its fried chicken from beginning to end? We're currently finalising a tour to show you just that. In the meantime, here's how the US do it.
  • The National Breast Cancer Foundation has come up with a new idea for wearable tech: stylish pink ties ​with built-in NFC chips to accept electronic donations with a tap of a credit card. Click here to see a video of the ties in action.
  • We love it when idiots are brought to justice. A UK patio party got out of hand when one reveler decided to blind a passing helicopter pilot with a laser pointer. Unfortunately for him, the chopper in question belonged to the US National Police Air Service who used thermal imaging cameras to immediately locate the laser-wielding perpetrator and his drunken comrades. Click here for the footage.
  • The Modball Rally is an Aussie supercar event seemingly inspired by the Fast & Furious movies — and one of them was just busted driving 216km/h in Melbourne yesterday. "A man has had his licence suspended and will appear in court after being detected travelling at an alleged speed nearly twice the limit in the State’s Riverina today," police stated. Head to Gizmodo for the full story.
  • Love sci-fi and/or Game Of Thrones? Got a spare five minutes? Here's a cool science fiction short film starring GoT's Aidan Gillen (AKA Littlefinger.)
  • There's a new Kickstarter campaign for glow-in-the-dark toilets. Awesome. Click here to see a video of the technology in action.
  • Regular picture frames are for philistines. A true art connoisseur displays images in frames that follow you around.
  • Harry Potter (AKA Daniel Radcliffe) is surprisingly good at freestyle rapping. Click here to see him in action on The Tonight Show.


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