Briefly: Melbourne Lightning, Modball Driver Busted, Half-Price Nokia Lumia 530

Briefly: Melbourne Lightning, Modball Driver Busted, Half-Price Nokia Lumia 530

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Melbourne’s lightning storm in pictures, Modball Rally driver busted going 216km/h, get a Nokia Lumia 530 for $39.50.

  • We love it when idiots are brought to justice. A UK patio party got out of hand when one reveler decided to blind a passing helicopter pilot with a laser pointer. Unfortunately for him, the chopper in question belonged to the US National Police Air Service who used thermal imaging cameras to immediately locate the laser-wielding perpetrator and his drunken comrades. Click here for the footage.
  • The Modball Rally is an Aussie supercar event seemingly inspired by the Fast & Furious movies — and one of them was just busted driving 216km/h in Melbourne yesterday. “A man has had his licence suspended and will appear in court after being detected travelling at an alleged speed nearly twice the limit in the State‚Äôs Riverina today,” police stated. Head to Gizmodo for the full story.
  • If you were anywhere near Melbourne last night, you could have been fooled into thinking it was the end of days playing out in the skies above your fair city. A lightning storm of biblical proportions wreaked havoc on the city last night, destroying a house and damaging power infrastructure. Click here for the photos.
  • Love sci-fi and/or Game Of Thrones? Got a spare five minutes? Here’s a cool science fiction short film starring GoT’s Aidan Gillen (AKA Littlefinger.)
  • From Wednesday, Woolworths will be selling the Telstra Nokia Lumia 530 with a bonus case for $39.50: that’s 50 per cent off the RRP.


  • I’ve spent maybe 20 minutes over the past few days this photo keeps coming up in your article feed trying to figure out if the girl on the left is actually attractive or if its all an illusion.

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