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Every year or so, in order to probably distract us from their complete cluelessness when it comes to digital innovation, Australian governments tell us how they plan to support technology companies buy creating our local answer to California’s Silicon Valley. At a recent conference, I had the chance to ask a panel of four senior managers and leaders of Silicon Valley unicorns what they thought governments could do to create environments where tech start ups can flourish.


Dick Smith is officially closing the doors on all stores across Australia and New Zealand. The electronics chain needs to get rid of all its existing stock and is hosting a fire sale today. Here are the discounts you can expect to find for HD TVs, smartphones, drones, laptops, DSLR cameras, games consoles, headphones and Apple products.


The rights owners of the Dallas Buyers Club film have finally thrown in the towel on its piracy court case against ISP iiNet. Dallas Buyers Club LLC (DBC LLC) launched legal action against iiNet and several smaller ISPs in late 2014 to acquire details on their subscribers that were suspected of illegally downloading the movie. The rights holders eventually lost the court case but had the right to appealed. Now the court battle is officially over.


The Indigenous Hunza people in the hills of Pakistan don't eat until lunchtime, existing on a mostly raw diet of fruit, nuts and seeds with a little yoghurt thrown in. There is one cooked meal per day -- dhal with wholemeal chapattis.

Every single night.

This has been my diet for the last four weeks.


Author Malcolm Gladwell spoke at the recent Intel Focus 2015 event about the need to attack problems in new ways. Although his talk was given at an infosec conference, the lessons he imparted apply to all of us.


Over the course of a year I probably receive at least one press release each week from some company telling me they’ve been named by an analyst firm as a leader in their chose field or niche. Typically, the release will start something like "Company X has been named a Superhero in the Consultant’s League of Heroes for disarming bombs". But do these accolades even matter?


During the recent Intel Focus 15 event, Bryan Dye - Intel Security’s recently appointed corporate vice president and general manager of the group's global security products said that two things attracted him to the position: great technology and a great corporate strategy. What attracts you to working at a specific company?


During a recent talk at a conference, one of the speakers spoke about why people choose to leave jobs. I’ve read a lot of research about why people leave work. It might be because they feel undervalued or that they simply don’t enjoy their work. But the speaker put it to the audience that people don't leave jobs - they leave bosses.


Author of All Groan Up, Paul Angone, recently spoke at the Intel Focus 15 conference. Although the event is principally focused on IT security, he took some time to address a growing problem for many companies - how to keep millennials happy at work.


AusCERT 2016 is scheduled for 23-27 May, 2016 at the Surfers Paradise Marriott on the Gold Coast. The AusCERT2016 program committee is inviting folks interested in presenting at the annual shindig.


Equinix and Oracle have agreed to provide dedicated, direct access to Oracle Public Platform and Infrastructure Services, via the Equinix Cloud Exchange in Sydney, Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Singapore, and Washington, D.C.


Trend Micro International has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance. A Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Trend Micro has worked with Microsoft for over 20 years and says this alliance demonstrates the commitment to deliver proven security solutions from a single security provider.