Plan Your Holiday Destinations From Least Culture Shock To Most

Plan Your Vacation Destinations from Least Culture Shock to Most

Visiting multiple countries — or even regions — gives you a chance to experience different cultures in one holiday. But if you haven't travelled much, it can also mean culture shock. Ease into the journey by visiting destinations culturally similar to yours first to get your feet wet.

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Even if you're only visiting one city, you can still use this plan to ease into the new culture. Scope out the parts of the city that cater to tourists and explore for a night or two so you're more likely to find people, shops, and restaurants who speak your native language and you can eat at food chains you're familiar with (if you're really desperate.)

Experiencing new foods, sights, and ways of doing things is one of the best parts of travel, but can be hard to adjust to if you don't travel often. Planning your trip so that you ease into culture shock helps make your holiday more enjoyable, and it gives you time to learn the local traditions, dos, and don'ts before you wind up making an embarrassing faux pas.

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