These Are The Worst US Airports For Delays

My own anecdotal evidence suggests that LAX was actually built on top of the entrance to hell itself. That beneath it, flows a river of the pink goo from Ghostbusters 2 that makes everyone cranky.

But apparently, when it comes to delays, LAX isn't actually the worst performer. Far from it in fact.

Fix The Pitch has taken information from all of the major airports in the US and attempted to calculate which is the worst for delays on average. In other words: at which airport are you most likely to get stuck?

Apparently it's LGA, La Guardia in New York.

The study focused on 13 of the busiest airports over the December period.

The ranks, by longest average delay, were as follows.

1. New York (LGA) — LaGuardia 2. Newark(EWR) — Newark Liberty International 3. Chicago (ORD) — O'Hare International 4. San Francisco (SFO) — San Francisco International 5. Washington DC (IAD) — Washington DUlles International 6. Boston (BOS) — Logan International 7. Dallas (DFW) — Dallas/Fort Worth International 8. Denver (DEN) — Denver International 9. New York (JFK) — John F. Kennedy International 10. Minneapolis (MSP) — Minneapolis St. Paul International 11. Charlotte (CLT) — Charlotte Johnson International 12. Los Angeles (LAX) — Los Angeles International 13. Atlanta (ATL) — Hartfield-Jackson International

Again, having been delayed just about every time I've ever flown out of LAX, I'm super surprised to see it rank so low.

It's well worth heading to the original post for a breakdown on all the statistics and how they put them together. Very interesting stuff indeed.

At which U.S. airport are you most likely to get stuck? [Fix The Pitch]


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