Install A Whole-House Fan As A Cheaper Alternative To Air Conditioning

Install a Whole-House Fan as a Cheaper Alternative to Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning is costing too much this summer, look into a whole-house fan. They cool your home by removing the hot air and exhausting it through windows or soffits in the attic. By removing the hot air from your home you get the added benefit of air circulation, which aids in preventing indoor air pollution and allergies that can arise from stagnant pollen filled air.

Whole-house fans aren't cheap, but they can pay for themselves after a couple summers of use, with the money saved from your electric bill. They are easy to install but require cutting a hole in your ceiling and manoeuvring in your attic which can be tricky.

The link to the video below provides a straightforward method for installation which shouldn't take more than an afternoon.

How to Install a Whole House Fan [This Old House]

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    And the air that's removed from inside your home is replaced by air from where?

    Either air from the HOT outside, or if it's airtight the walls are sucked in and your house collapses on you. Neither seems preferable to an aircon.

    By realtively cool ground-level air coming in from under doors. It is mainly for in the mornings and evenings, when the outside air is cooler but the house typically takes hours longer to cool down. Especially effective on two storey houses with gable windows in the atiic space.

      This is the reason! My stepdad's AV Jennings house is so hot when it's 23deg outside and all the windows and doors are kept open. These houses are built so wrongly.

    Are attics common in Australia? I've lived in a half dozen houses in a variety of places and rarely do you even have enough space to get into the ceiling let alone an attic.

      This really bugs me, if by some miracle i ever manage to build my own house, id be tempted to build an attic, i love the idea of them, hell id even want to install an elevator for it if i were to use it as storage.

        Attics have tight building regulations. You can't just convert a ceiling space into an attic. by nailing on some wood sheeting.

          I never said i planed to convert one.

    I am lucky enough to be in a house that has a lot of screened windows and doors in the main room so just having them open cools the place down, sometimes I need the ceiling fan on, and rarely do I need the aircon on. The bedrooms are another story with only one window in each and a ceiling fan, except for my room I have a sliding door that lets a lot of cool air in

    Isn't this just an exhaust fan like what you have in the bathroom, only bigger? So why is it $1700, or $6000 for a CardiffAir one? Bathroom exhaust fans are at Bunnings for $40.

    Yes I think the technical concept of this whole house fan works similarly to an exhaust fan you can find in the bathroom. However, the huge difference in price would be because of its bulky size and its function which involves the entire house. My attic is used for storage so it gets easier to install things there.

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