This Flowchart (and Audio Guide) Will Help You Finally Conquer Your Photo Clutter

This Flowchart (and Audio Guide) Will Help You Finally Conquer Your Photo Clutter

It’s never been easier to take as many photos as you like, but keeping them all organised and backed up has never been more difficult. The team at WNYC’s Note to Self, with a little help from yours truly, put together this flowchart to help you tackle your photo clutter once and for all.

When Manoush Zomorodi, host of Note to Self on WNYC (check out her interview with us here), asked her audience what their biggest organizational challenge was, they overwhelmingly said managing their photos was at the top of their list. It’s something everyone has somewhere on their to-do list, and everyone’s tried multiple services and approaches to try and tackle.

Well, Manoush reached out to me to see if I could help, and together with her team, we put together a plan to tackle photo clutter once and for all. It didn’t go the way we anticipated. With some tweaking and reworking, we managed to come up with a scheme that will help you conquer your photo clutter, based on the type of relationship you have with your photos.

The flowchart below walks you through the process of determining what kind of photo-taker you are. Once you’ve figured that out, the basic process boils down to three steps:

  • Turning on auto-upload so all of your future photos (and the ones on your device) are backed up to the web — I suggested Dropbox and Google Photos, both of whichwe have guides to mastering — where they’re easy to share.
  • Pulling in any other photos from other sources (your computer, your SD cards, or even physical ones) to those central locations.
  • Spending some time organising your photos into galleries, reliving your memories, and sharing those photos with friends and family.

From there, how deep in the weeds you get with each bullet point varies based on the kind of photo-taker you are. For more — and for the whole walkthrough, step-by-step for each type of photographer, hit the link below.

You can also listen to the podcast embedded below to hear Manoush and I put the plan together, and how the whole experiment went — not to mention some more philosophical conversation about why we take so many photos in the first place, and get involved with our experiment here.

It’s Time to Deal with Your Photo Clutter [Note to Self (WNYC)]

This Flowchart (and Audio Guide) Will Help You Finally Conquer Your Photo Clutter

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