Video Briefly: Breaking Bad v Pulp Fiction, Don't Be Snake, Hardest PS4 Trophy Unlocked

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers: Breaking Bad borrowed a lot of visual elements from Pulp Fiction, why you shouldn't try to emulate Metal Gear Solid's lead character Snake in real life and watch one man unlock one of the hardest PlayStation 4 trophies available.

  • See a side-by-side visual similarities of the popular TV show Breaking Bad and the cult classic film Pulp Fiction in this video.
  • Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series is a bad-ass with some epic stealth and combat abilities. Just don’t try using those abilities in real life like this guy
  • Apple has released some beautiful screensavers for Apple TV. Check them out over at Gizmodo Australia.
  • One player has unlocked one of the PlayStation 4's hardest trophies. Watch him do it over at Kotaku Australia.
  • Can an iPhone 6S surive being inside a paint shaker? Find out here.


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