Video Briefly: Stop Motion Magic, Luggage Mayhem, Hawk Snake

Image: Supplied

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers include: how stop motion animation has changed over the years, what happens when you don’t secure your luggage in a car, hawk attacks family with a snake.

  • See the amazing evolution of stop motion animation over the years at Gizmodo Australia.
  • As a kid, did you use to play this game where you pretended the floor is covered in lava and you had to jump on top of furniture to stay safe? There's now a video game that takes it to the next level. See it at Kotaku Australia.
  • This is why you should strap down luggage in your car.
  • If you love Portal, you might want to give The Turning Test puzzle game a go. Kotaku Australia has a play-through video here.
  • A hawk throws a snake at an innocent family eating lunch in Melbourne. The video was later revealed to be a fake but it's still worth watching. At least it's entertaining.


    The video was later revealed to be a fake by the first person to ever watch it i think lol

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