The Aincrad Desktop

The Aincrad Desktop

Look, you can love or hate the Japanese manga Sword Art Online/SAO, but this desktop is pretty good looking, and comes to us from jester74. It’s a good looking Linux desktop, and simple to set up.

Jester74 left this one over a little while ago, but we’re just now getting to it. Still looks great. Here’s what you’ll need to set it up on your Linux system:

  • The wallpaper
  • Conky, a lightweight system monitor for Linux
  • Harmattan, a customisation tool and theme for Conky, transparant on the desktop
  • The Plank dock as an application launcher (bottom of the screen)
  • The Nuimix Circle icon pack to replace the system icons and customise the dock

That’s about it. Simple, good looking, and everything fits together nicely. Look, I have opinions about SAO , but if I can see past them to appreciate the desktop, you can too. If you’re customising your own and have questions, need help getting everything looking right, or just want to tell jester74 how much you like his work, leave a comment on his Kinja post, linked below!

Tower in the Clouds [Jester74]