Microsoft Video Series Is The Dummies' Guide To Developing Apps For Windows 10

If you're just starting out as a programmer and have no idea how to develop apps for Windows 10, Microsoft has got your back. The vendor has released video series that provide guidance for absolute beginners to start creating apps for its newest operating system.

You do require some knowledge of the basics of the C# coding language for the Windows 10 development for absolute beginners series, but luckily Microsoft has a course on that too, which you can find over at its Channel 9 developer network community page.

The Windows 10 app development series covers how to create apps on the new operating system on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which enables apps to work across the entire ecosystem of Windows 10 devices including PCs, phones, tablets and even Raspberry Pi.

There are two parts to this course: The first part teaches you to build basic apps while the second part will run through how to make four separate apps that are more labour intensive.

If you're keen to get cracking on developing apps for Windows 10, you can start the course over at Microsoft's Channel 9 page.

[Via Microsoft Windows Blog]


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