Microsoft Re-Launches Coding4Fun For Windows 10 Developers

Microsoft Re-Launches Coding4Fun For Windows 10 Developers

The process of coding may seem boring to some but Microsoft is determined to bring the fun to developers of Windows 10 apps and has rebooted its Coding4Fun website. The site sits within Windows Dev Center and is “dedicated to exploring the lighter side of Windows 10 development”.

Microsoft said:

“Our goal is pretty simple; create fun and interesting code samples that feature the more interesting APIs available on the Universal Windows Platform.”

This isn’t just about fun and games. Microsoft wants Coding4Fun to be educational as well. The site will be able to demonstrate some interesting capabilities of the Windows 10 app platform. There are currently three projects available, one of them (shown in the video above) is the FaceTheremin app which lets you create original music by moving your face (or multiple faces) to different positions in a camera’s view using face detection on a live video stream.

You can check out the rest of the projects over on the Coding4Fun website.

[Via Windows Blog]

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