Google Kills Off Chrome Notification Centre

Add another victim to the Google murder list because the company is killing off its rich desktop notification centre for Chrome. It was a offering brought out for Windows, OS X and Linux a few years back that allowed web pages to push notifications onto the desktop which were enhanced by Google Now information.

The notification centre was handy for aggregating the push notifications you received from websites through Chrome and displaying them in a centralised location so you wouldn't miss out on any of them. There were also additional actions users could make in response to different notifications.

Unfortunately, it appears that nobody really used it. Google said so on its Chromium Blog and has announced that it is shutting down the notification centre in the upcoming release of Chrome in order to keep the browser simple for users. For Chrome developers, if you have set up your app or extension to send notifications solely to the centre, those notifications will now result in an error. The API events tied to the centre will no longer work but it will be business as usual for all other notifications.

Developers can find the new Chrome notification documentation for more details on how the changes will affect their apps and extensions over on the Chrome Developer website

[Via Google Chromium Blog]


    Pushbullet seems to use them pretty extensively it seems, so I hope those guys are on top of this!

      I actually think the notification centre is pretty damn useful. It really is a shame not many people adopted it :/

      I had to signup just to say the same thing.
      I use Pushbullet everyday and it's been very valuable to me. Looks like they'll need to come up with a solution.
      (bloody Google)

        I know it's not the same, but I use the pushbullet desktop app, which has it's own notification centre.
        Actually, It's built into the chrome app, too. When you click the pushbullet icon, there's a notifications tab there.

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