Apple Raises Prices Of MacBooks In Australia

It appears Apple has jacked up prices for its MacBooks overnight by as much as $200. We've done a side-by-side comparison of the pricing to see just how more you're paying for Apple's range of notebooks.

The table below reflects the price change for a range of MacBooks in the most basic configurations available:

Model Previous RRP Current RRP Price difference
MacBook $1799 $1999 $200
13-inch MacBook Pro $1549 $1559 $10
13-inch MacBook Pro (Retina display) $1799 $1999 $200
11-inch MacBook Air $1249 $1329 $80
13-inch MacBook Air $1399 $$1479 $80

The iMac range was not included in the comparison since it has just been refreshed and we expect the pricing to be different. Judging by the fact Apple has also recently bumped up prices of apps on its App Store, it would seem the company is responding to the tanking Australian dollar.

We're expecting other technology vendors to follow suit so get ready for even more price hikes on your favourite electronic goods.


    I think they have also put the price of the Thunderbolt monitor up. I recall mine was $1100 and they are now $1600.

    Not bad for a rapidly obsoleting 4+ year old piece of kit. Thunderbolt 1. USB 2 and Firewire!!!!!!


    Makes the question of a switch to Surface book a littler easy

    Is that because our dollar has dropped again, or is it because Apple are, well, assholes?

      I would say the first (but don't discount the second) Apple did drop their app price when the dollar appreciated, and increased them when it dropped. I think they are doing the same with their hardware.

      Due to the strength of dollars, that's why they have the price increase.

        Then why are some things $200 and some $10?

          Likely is associated with some meaningful enhancement in the newer higher-priced model.

            Those models on the table aren't new, they are all existing.

            It's just Apple being dicks.

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