Seagate Tries To Solve Battery And Storage Limitations In Our Mobile Devices

Image: Seagate

They’re typical problems of the modern age. Our smartphones run out of juice just when we need them most or that last megabyte was consumed by another selfie and we can use a favorite app. Seagate, in partnership with Chinese company, has announced the Joy Drive to remedy these challenges.

Designed for Android devices, the Joy Drive will intially only be available in China.

The Joy Drive unites a power bank and mobile capacity expansion unit for Android that adds up to 1TB of storage.

It uses USB for connecting to a computer so you can add content easily. A second micro-USB or USB-C connector lets you then hook it up to an Android device so you can access that content on the portable gadget.

It’s expected to have a street price of around $99. While it's only expected to be released in China intially, there’s little doubt you’ll be able to track one down online if it’s a device that appeals.


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