Run Linux Destop Sessions In A Web Browser With Icebergs

Run Linux Destop Sessions In A Web Browser With Icebergs

Icebergs is a start-up that’s offering a cloud service that lets you run Linux desktop sessions in a web browser using HTML5. The goal is to allow programming work to be done on any machine without having to install Linux every time.

The pay-as-you-go service runs Ubuntu Linux with an Xfce desktop environment for a fast and lightweight experience in the browser. It offers root access so you can install the software you need. The service is also optimised for touch screen devices so you can even use it on a small smartphone screen if you so desire.

You can start using Icebergs for free which will give you one instance for two hours per month but your instances are removed after your session. Plans start from US$9.99 (AU$14.30) per month with gives you 25 hours monthly usage and you can run two instances with 8GB of storage per instance.

You can find out more about the service and the pricing structure over at Icebers website.

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  • You can get lots of free testing and computing power from major vendors like Azure, IBM, Google, Amazon or all OS vendors. Also most developer subscriptions for developer software comes now with free cloud computing power. Other professional services are not much more expensive as the new Iceberg.

  • Install linux “every time” ??

    No, you only have to install it once, then you can use it as much as you want without paying any per hour or per “instance” fees.

    Or you can get a VPS which is dedicated to you 24/7 with more ram and more storage for a LOWER monthly cost (as low as $8/mo) (And you can setup VNC if for some reason you want to run a GUI in a web browser)

    I wish these Iceberg folks well, but no one with a clue will have any use for their service. But I suppose “people with a clue” isn’t their target market.

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