Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Edge 6+: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And Edge 6+: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Samsung has announced pricing and availability for its latest flagship smartphones. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ will cost $1199 to buy outright in Australia, with its larger Note 5 sibling costing $1099. Both will be available early next month.

Australians will be able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 from September 4. The handsets will cost $1199 and $1099, respectively. This is a bit steeper than both phone’s predecessors (the S6 Edge and Note 4) which cost $1149 and $949 at launch.

Their main claim to fame is that both models are Category 9-capable devices, which allows for super fast mobile internet. Telstra has announced it will be selling the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and The Note 5 for use on its 4GX network, which translates to incredibly fast download speeds.

If you don’t have a spare grand lying around, you’ll need to snap up your preferred phone on a mobile contract. All major telcos have confirmed they will carry the Note 5 and S6 Edge+, although we’re still waiting for all plans to be announced. Stay tuned for a future planhacker where we’ll see how they compare. In the meantime, here’s a look at both phones’ specifications:

Here are the specs for each of the two phones:

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Galaxy Note 5
OS Android 5.1 (Lollipop) Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Dimensions 154.4mm x 75.8mm x 6.9mm 153.2mm x 76.1mm x 7.6mm
Weight 153g 171g
CPU Exynos octa-core (2.1GHz quad + 1.5GHz quad) Exynos octa-core (2.1GHz quad + 1.5GHz quad)
Memory 4GB RAM, 32GB/64GB (non-expandable) 4GB RAM, 32GB/64GB (non-expandable)
Display 5.7-inch dual-edge Quad HD Super AMOLED 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED
Resolution 2560 x 1440 (518ppi) 2560 x 1440 (518ppi)
Camera 16MP rear, 5MP front 16MP rear, 5MP front
Battery 3000mAh (non-removable) 3000mAh (non-removable)

You can also read up on the new features these phones bring to the table here.

What are your thoughts on the new phones? Anything here to be excited about? Share your views in the comments section below.


  • so the Note is smaller than the S6?!?! and the screen size is the same?

    What is the point of the Note then? (apart from S-pen)

    • putting all their eggs on cloud based storage…
      one of the last few things left to differentiate the samsung from the apple…

      Seems like Samsung are going backwars, rather than Apple going forward…

  • Jesus that’s a lot of money (for a phone that’s being replaced in 12 months). Very happy with my Note 3, and when the battery deteriorates I can buy a new one.

  • I honestly think Samsung Australia wants to kill the note range. Looking at their website they are offering only the 32gb version of the Note 5 while the Edge+ gets the 32 and 64gb. It is bewildering that the range isnt getting the 128gb as seen in last years S6 range given the support Australians give new tech and the backlash already going on over the loss of removable battery and SD support.

    I owned the original note and have the Note 3 which soon needs upgrading and I was looking forward to the Note 5 until I saw the listing on the Samsung site… Now I doubt I will get a new Note phone, at least not a Note 5…

    Very disappointing Samsung.

  • I’ve currently got the Galaxy Note 3, and I’m at the point of needing a new phone. I was really looking forward to the new Note 5, but it’s such a let down. Only 32 GB of storage, no IR Blaster, no expandable storage/removable battery, not waterproof (as I was hoping they’d push that on to all phones after the S5) and not using USB Type C! What I was hoping would be an easy decision to simply get that phone now leaves me with a hard choice.
    Do I go to the Note 4 to keep most of the features I want but be stuck with “old” tech for the next year or two. An that devices is plagued by the older version of Touch Wiz (not that it really matters as I use a Nova Launcher). Or do I look a the Galaxy S6, which still is not ideal, but at least it comes with 64 or 128gb of storage and an IR Blaster. The Galaxy 6 Edge Plus is great for screen size, but no IR Blaster and no S-Pen, but does go up to 64 GB of storage. And all of the newer phones with a good looking glass back which to me all I think about are the fingerprints or another surface that can crack if/when it gets dropped the one time I use it without a case on. Then there is the LG G4, which has a great camera, laser auto focus and from what I can tell good UI, but I think I would miss the AMOLED Display too much, and no integrated wireless charging (at least there is an accessory for that).

    So the problem I’ve got (like many people) is I do store a bit of data (Photo’s/Video’s) on my phone so while cloud storage is an option, it’s not ideal. I use my phone as most people do as my primary camera so the camera and it’s software is important, and one key with that is good in low light. I do us features such as the IR Blaster, and S-Pen, and really enjoy the Bright AMOLED Samsung display’s. And while Samsung Pay isn’t available in Australia yet, I am an optimist and hope that it becomes available sooner than later (although more likely it won’t be for years..*sigh) So like most of you reading these kinds of articles I need what the Galaxy Note 5 SHOULD have been, but need it now and it doesn’t exist.

    What are others doing in this situation and why? Do we jump ship and move to LG? Stick to the Classically good Note 4? Or pick Between the S6, and Note 5?

  • So I’ve recently fallen in love with the note 5 – great apps and speed and love the s pen functionality. However, i was flabbergasted when i found out that it only came in 32gb. I mean come on – with a business-oriented phone only you’d expect that samsung would understand the need for storage. I’ve never been fond of the removable sd cards because the ones I’ve used have had such a short lifespan but now that’s not even an option. While the S6 Edge+ is beautiful, the functions just don’t equate to the note. And i think i would probably stuff up the screen without a case eventually anyways. So, like many of you I’m on the fence for now. Hoping they bring the 64gb to Oz soon. (Optus staff have told me they think they’ll get it by Christmas)

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