Ruby Tracks Your Menstrual, Sexual, And Reproductive Health 

iOS: Period tracking is nothing new. Most women track their cycle in some way, whether it’s with a basic app, a calendar, or just noting the days mentally. But beyond tracking your period or ovulation, this app offers a more inclusive look into a woman’s sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health.

Ruby is like any traditional period tracker, in that it shows when you’re menstruating and ovulating. But beyond that, you can also log details about your health, sexual activity, and emotional state. The more you log, the more Ruby comes to understand your month-to-month trends. From there, the app can send you useful alerts, as Refinery29 points out. For example, it can notify you when to stock up on medicine because you’re likely to experience headaches in the next few days.

To get started, you log a few details about your cycle, and Ruby shows you a circular schedule of when you’re fertile (dates in green) and when you’re on your period (dates in red). From there, you can start entering details about how you feel, when you had sex, whether you’re experiencing any cramps, and so on. You can also link your Apple HealthKit app, if you use it, and Ruby will automatically track your sleeping and exercise habits.

The app also includes a Community tab, which lets you ask questions and share answers with other users. They also offer a wealth of resources on sexual and reproductive health. You don’t have to sign up for anything to you use the app, either. If you do, you’ll have a profile and your data will be saved in case you delete the app. Give it a try for yourself at the link below.

Ruby by Glow [Apple Store]

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