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Online is where it's at when it comes to learning resources for programming, especially for languages used primarily for web. Sometimes however, you just want a solid, consistent experience you can read without necessarily needing an IDE open in front of you and that's where eBooks reign supreme. Fortunately, O'Reilly has you covered with 36 free coding titles.


iOS: Period tracking is nothing new. Most women track their cycle in some way, whether it's with a basic app, a calendar, or just noting the days mentally. But beyond tracking your period or ovulation, this app offers a more inclusive look into a woman's sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health.


If you're a regular Lifehacker reader and Linux user, you probably have a hole in your productive little heart where a great text substitution app should be. Our own Texter makes repetitive phrases a snap to call up in Windows, TextExpander gives Mac users loads of quick-text options, and you've read all about how you can save time with text substitution (or hit the play button above to see it in action). Say goodbye to unrequited speedy-text love with Snippits, a free, open source utility that can insert text, activate program shortcuts, correct spelling, and even run bits of code, all at the touch of one button. Here's a quick start guide to installing and customising Snippits to start saving time and keystrokes in Linux.