Turn A Bulldog Clip Into A GoPro Stand Or Mount

Turn a Binder Clip Into a GoPro Stand or Mount

The GoPro is clearly our favourite action camera, and the humble bulldog clip is one of our favourite lifehacking tools. Together, they're a match made in heaven. One bulldog clip and you have a stable stand, or a mount you can hang the GoPro from.

The GoPro's popularity means there are tons of accessories for it, many of which are pretty expensive. Now we're not saying you should take your several-hundred dollar investment and trust it to a three-cent bulldog clip, but if you don't have anything else nearby, or if you have a more affordable action camera with a similar shape, a single bulldog clip can help you get a stable, steady shot for a timelapse video, or let you suspend your camera without worrying it will fall down. Simple, easy, and cheap. Hit the link below to see more.

Versatile GoPro Clip [Instructables]


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