This Chart Reveals The Best Emergency Foods For Survival Kits

This Chart Reveals The Best Emergency Foods For Survival Kits

Stash away some food in case of emergency and you’ll be set for the next hurricane or other disaster. Not all foods are best for emergency survival, though. This greaphic compares canned, dehydrated, and freeze dried foods.

Freeze dried foods last the longest and taste mst like fresh, but also cost more than twice as much as dehydrated foods. Dehydrated foods might be best for your Bug Out Bag, since they’re compact. While conventional canned foods are easiest to stock up on, they also don’t have a long shelf life.

If you’re ready to go into prepping mode, Survival Mastery, which posted the graphic below, also reviews emergency food kits and offers other recommendations for compiling your own survival food kit.

Best Emergency Food: Kits and DIY Packages for Dark Times [Survival Mastery]


  • This chart has some SERIOUS problems. For example dehydrated meat is something that can readily be both purchased and prepared at home (albeit with some care). Dehydrated egg is essentially unavailable in Australia (at the consumer level) because of the high risk of salmonella food poisoning.
    On a purely subjective level (and as an avid bushwalker who has purchased many dehydrated and freeze dried meals as well as preparing many of their own dehydrated foods) if you think canned food tastes worse than the alternatives then you haven’t actually tried the alternatives.

  • What do the last two rows in the graphic mean. That you need four beds to store the food under?

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