Keep Cables Organised With Drinking Straws

Keep Cables Organised With Drinking Straws
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We’ve shown you many different ways of getting your cables tidy. Most of them are about keeping your rat’s nest of wires organised, but when you’ve got a lot of similar cables running to a location, labelling them is a big help. That’s where drinking straws come in.

As Instructables user mikeasaurus points out, a few multi-coloured drinking straws can go a long way toward making your cabling life a little simpler. Just cut a straw lengthwise, snip the straw into whatever lengths you like, label them, and clip them on your cable.

Use different colours to distinguish them even more. Whether you use them behind your computer, home entertainment center, or to keep track of networking cables going into your router, knowing exactly what cable is for what makes moving equipment and troubleshooting problems that much easier. And you can pick up a bag of a hundred straws for just a buck or two.

11 Unusual Uses for Straws [Instructables]


  • The source article is specifically about straws, which is probably why this suggestion was included, but realistically if you’re going to be labelling your cables like this you’d be a lot better off using coloured electrical tape. The straws would just fall off too easily.

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