Check Your Insurance Policies For Hidden Coverage

Check Your Insurance Policies for Hidden Coverage (Like Massages)

Like credit cards with their overlooked perks, home, health and car insurance policies often provide coverage for hidden or unusual items. Before you spend money out of pocket on massages, pothole damage or property improvements, check your policies.

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The Christian Science Monitor has rounded up 26 surprising things covered by insurance. Some of them are not very likely to ever be needed — such as property damage from meteorites and space debris or stampeding cows — but others could be very useful.

Coverage will vary by policy of course, and it will be limited by your deductible. You'll probably also want to weigh the potential risk of your policy rate rising if you make a claim.

Space debris, cow stampeded, and hot tubs: 26 surprising things covered by insurance [The Christian Science Monitor]


    Ah, most of those are a no in Australia.

    I've noticed while shopping for car insurance some are saying. Does not cover acts of terrorism

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