Brûlée Your Eggs For The Most Decadent Breakfast Ever

Brûlée Your Eggs for the Most Decadent Breakfast Ever

Just when I thought I had eaten an egg every possible way there was to eat an egg, Alvin Cailan (of the amazing Eggslut) swooped in and proved me oh so wrong with this video showing us how to make Egg Brûlée.

If you think about it, we should have been doing this all along. Crème Brûlée — one of my favourite desserts — is pretty egg heavy already, so why not remove all that cream and torch the yolk directly? The result isn't a dessert, but a rich, slightly savoury, extremely decadent breakfast item unlike anything you've ever tasted.

The above video and below article are full of tips and tricks for making perfectly bruleed eggs, but Cailan's number one tip for Egg Brûlée? Invest in a blow torch. Just make sure to keep it on the low heat while brûléeing those yolks; you want them caramelised, not burnt.

The Best Thing You're Not Doing to Your Morning Eggs [Bon Appetit]


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