Netflix Is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update In Four Years

Netflix is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update in Four Years

Netflix has experimented with its interface in the US a lot over the years, but there's always been a bit of a disconnect between how the service looks in your browser and your various apps. Now, the company is updating its web site with a huge UI change to make it more app-like.

The new design is meant to be a more dynamic interface, rather than a series of standalone pages. You can now get more information about a show by hovering over a title, and new information will appear in line, rather than taking you to a dedicated page specifically for a show. Netflix also says the new interface is designed to work with touchscreens as well as a mouse and cursor.

The global roll out begins today, and could take up to two weeks to reach you. This is the first interface tweak we've seen since Netflix became officially available in Australia.

The Netflix Website Gets A Major Upgrade [Netflix]


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