How To Access Netflix US Using Your Netflix Australia Account

How To Access Netflix US Using Your Netflix Australia Account

As many people feared, the range of content on Netflix Australia is much weaker than on US Netflix. Fortunately, it’s ridiculously easy to switch from one to the other and access whatever shows and movies you like on your computer. Here’s how.

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At current exchange rates, the Australian entry-level pricing for Netflix ($8.99 a month) is actually a little cheaper than the US ($US7.99 a month). Being charged in Australian dollars also means you won’t be slogged foreign currency charges on your credit card — so for Australians, that’s generally going to be a better choice. Except that Netflix US has far more content.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of Netflix’s traveller-friendly policies: if you take your device overseas, it will automatically switch you to the content available in that region. Using a VPN or similar technology, you can make your browser pretend that it’s in the US (or the UK, or any other market where you want to check out Netflix’s content).

The challenge is that decent free VPN services are few and far between. The best known is probably Hola Unblocker, but the way that extension behaves means we don’t recommend it anymore (and hence have removed the instructions concerning it from this post). Ultimately, if you’re keen to take advantage of region switching, paying for a VPN service will give you the best results.

Any VPN which offers region spoofing will work. You can check our guide to choosing a VPN for more information.

Just one mild warning: if you’re on one of the ISPs offering unmetered access to Netflix (iiNet or Optus), that won’t work if you use a VPN.


  • so is the vpn only required for the initial region-switch? if i switch to US, do i need to keep using the vpn to stream the US content or can i disable it once i switch region?

          • To Enjoy Netflix first, you have to subscribe a VPN which supports streaming like NordVPN, and then choose VPN servers of USA to disable Geo restriction and access US Netflix library. Watch your favorite Movies or TV show in full swing.

      • Well the time is here where netflix has but a vpn blocker which means unblock us does not work, any other solutions on how to get access?

    • From my understanding, the stream doesn’t come through the VPN, just the region check. But you’ll need to leave that on while you are streaming overseas content.

    • Netflix on the bus via mobile broadband with VPN was really solid this morning. 🙂 Connected to the LA server over L2TP

    • you have to continue using the VPN when you want to access the US stuff, if you switch off the VPN the connection will drop and you will not be able to access US websites. Few VPN services like ExpressVPN
      I use its LA servers which still works well for Netflix US.

  • What’s the best way if you are using a Chromecast and Android phone?
    Love to hear how people are doing that.

    • Straight VPN alone won’t work with a chromecast as it uses it’s own DNS. You have to change that too. Plenty of “how to” pages on the web.

      • If you are using a VPN on your android phone, simply changing the DNS won’t do anything.

        The android phone is still operating a tunnel between it and the VPN server.

        You can get a VPN router like the TP-Link TL-WR703N is a cheap little router that supports DDWRT. You can buy one pre setup with a VPN of your choice (thats the best choice) or if your not scared of a command line or 3, flash DDWRT and set it up yourself.

        The great thing about that little router is it’s powered over micro usb, so you can take it travelling with you if your hotel room as ethernet at a reasonable price.

        For free wifi in hotels, carry a HDMI cable (and necessary adaptor for your phone) with you.

        • Block googles DNS in your router settings, then it’ll fall back to your router settings, aka, your smart DNS. Same deal with Roku.

          • The netlix app does not work unless it can reach Google’s DNS. So it can tell where I am.

          • That’s annoying, I just figured the google DNS blocking would work like Roku :/. If it forces Google DNS, does that mean you also don’t get freezone using Android?

        • I just signed up to and put their IP address in the DNS fields on my router under the DHCP settings

          Previously they were blank or now they are 111.x.x etc

          All content available on my laptop
          All content available on my android apps on phone and tablet

  • If you want to see what content is in what country and are on an iDevice. Check out iStreamGuide from the app store (can’t recall if free, sorry).

    It gives you great search ability for what country a movie or TV series is streamed, and it also sorts by country.

    Great to find what is available and where to find.

  • ^This is true, I have been having the same problem with my Netflix, I can’t watch US content if I am using my android phone and chromecast anymore due to the Google DNS, even if I set up the static routes. I was hoping this would change when it was finally released in Australia but it’s still not connecting. I can watch netflix on everything else except on chromecast.

    • You need version 3.7.1 or lower of the netflix app for android and turn auto update off.

      • This isn’t true. You just need to tell your router to send traffic over a specific port to use different DNS servers than Google’s. I’m on the latest version of the app and Chromecast and can cast fine via Get Flix.

    • Try setting static routes on the port…

      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p udp –dport 53 -j DNAT –to YOURDNSPROVIDER1
      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p udp –dport 53 -j DNAT –to YOURDNSPROVIDER2

    • No, only Australian Netflix traffic is unmtered. Anything to other regions will be metered as usual.

  • Getflix – Setup at router level, use the website to change regions.

    The Android playstore updated my Netflix app as soon as it was available on the australian store. The google DNS is no longer an issue. Chromecast still doesnt work which means it needs an update.

  • It should be noted that for $8USD (currently a little over $10AUD) you also get access to HD content and can watch on 2 screens at once, which you need to pay $12 here in order to get the same. The $9 plan in Australia does not get you HD at all.

    • Ah, I bet that’s why there’s a bunch of people complaining in whirlpool that they can’t get higher than 720.

    • Incorrect. Netflix US pricing is;
      $7.99 for SD and 1 screen.
      $8.99 for HD and 2 screens
      $11.99 for UHD and 4 screens

      The $7.99USD equivalent in Australia is $8.99AUD
      The $8.99USD equivalent in Australia is $11.99AUD
      The $11.99USD equivalent in Australia is $14.99AUD

      USD conversion at the moment means you get the plans at the following AUD pricing if using the US site.
      $10.19AUD – Cheaper to buy through Australian site
      $11.46AUD – Cheaper to but through US site
      $15.28AUD – Cheaper to buy through Australian site


  • Of course switching from AUS <-> USA multiple times a week might raise a red flag and they will terminate your account for violation of TOS. If you have a 2 streamer account it may or may not be ok as you could claim one streamer is overseas and the other isn’t but they could probably catch you out by analyzing usage patterns.

    • good point, tim.

      i just tried it with hola, and yes – it worked. but i wouldn’t recommend doing it, and here’s why:

      while i hate geoblocking + regional content deals (as well as anything f*xtel) as much as the next consumer, this has got to be a blatant contravention of TOS. NF might be tolerant of aussies using a VPN to access the US site if they’re paying $US rates, paying $AUS rates and accessing US content is dodgy. besides, it remains to be seen if this will still work beyond the free introductory month. (i’ve not been impressed by australia’s NF offering so far, but i hope it’ll grow to be comparable to the US version soon, so negating the temptation to do what the article describes.)

  • How safe is Hola? I’ve read a few articles online that talk about how it compromises your security but a lot of them seem to try and point me in the direction of a paid alternative so I don’t know how reliable they can be.

  • i just Used Hola unblocker an had no idea it uses u as an exit node. can they still use u if you unistalled there addon?

    • my ping has also increased from normal 22- 23 (ping to 40-50 then lag spikes of up to 500- 1000

      what do i do about this?

  • Why people so desperate to consume American garbage? It is all drugs, death, greed and fear. It is a disease, worst then syphilis which imported from America too.

  • hola is really good but I don’t think you can use it in the netflix app and when I’m on the netflix browser on hola (US netflix) and I click to watch something it automatically opens to the netflix app which I have downloaded. and I don’t think hola can be used in the actual netflix app and I can’t watch something that is on us netflix in the Australia location. please help

  • Help! Nowhere on my netflix account is it possible to change country. In the box everyone talks about in the top right hand corner has nothing about changing the region or country in it. I want to access the usa netflix but have no idea how. Hola won’t let me do anything no matter what. What do I do next??????

  • I was with USA Netflix once but now with Aus Netflix. I watch on my PC and found that using my VPN i could get USA content, but. I have found that i cannot receive anything in HD which i do with my Aus account. So although i have greater content the quality is less, especially if i choose to transfer to my smart TV screen. Whether this is the price you pay for using a VPN (paid one) or streaming HD from the states is more than my Internet speed can handle i don’t know.

  • Ok… so I’ve got the 4 Screen membership through the USA account that I set up 12 months ago using Getflix… can I switch over to the AU one? and get it for Australian dollars?

  • Hi – looking for some tec help please (maybe if no one can help me here someone can head me in the right direction)
    Up until 2 weeks ago I was successfully casting American content on Netflix from my Macbook Pro, via Chromecast to my TV. Suddenly for no apparent reason it stopped casting.
    What I DO know:
    Chromecast is still casting ALL other content to the TV. (Even so I have reset Chomecast twice)
    I am operating 10.10.3 OS X Yosemite.
    Running on Home Wi-Fi.
    No other VPN and no antivirus – not sure about fire wall.
    All American content is casting as it should to this TV from my sons Macbook Pro – no problems – only MY Macbook has the issue.
    I am using HOLA and re loaded it twice.
    The only change to my laptop since Netflix America was casting to my TV perfectly is that I used CleanMyMac3 software for the first time to scan and clean my system – could I have removed something that Netflix America, HOLA or Chromecast is reliant upon??
    When I open Netflix on the American content, it casts to the TV for mirroring all that is showing on my Macbook screen including the still promo shot of the movie I choose, however when I click ‘Play’ the TV screen changes to Netflix home screen with the 3 red dots moving at the bottom (it is trying to pick up the movie but never does). However, the movie DOES go ahead and play on my Macbook.
    Based on the fact that my son has no problems with his Macbook, I figure it is either an issue with my Macbook pro, HOLA. or Netflix. Netflix wont help as I am trying to get the American content.
    This has me totally bamboozled and I could really do with some help please.

    • When you say that you “reloaded” Hola twice, do you mean that you fully uninstalled it from your system and then reinstalled it?

  • Most take a speed hit using a VPN, especially since you are on the opposite side of the world from north american outlets. 30/1 is fast enough the even with a VPN slowdown you should
    be able to stream 1080p 30fps.

  • is there a way to configure a dual band modem using unblockus to have both a US and an Australian location? so some devices and apps connect to OZ and some to USA? switching would be a very rare use case. have an archer d7 modem/router

    • @jms21 I think that there’s currently only 1 provider out there that allows different locations simultaneously. The provider is OverPlay and the feature is called JetSwitch. You set the locations not on your modem but in your online OverPlay account.

  • I am pretty hopeless with all this stuff.. however I have managed to access US Netflix on my AppleTV by using UnblockMe a paid for service with either a manual or annual fee. My internet is currently with Mynetfone and this works (I have access to Netflix US) however I am considering changing my provider to Optus on a internet / TV bundle – my question: Will this impact my access if I am using Apple TV? as I noted in the article it says you can have trouble with providers such as Optus … Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have American Netflix to my laptop (using Hola) but cannot cast it to my TV. I live here in Aussie but my Chromecast wont send it to my TV!. Has anyone found a way of doing this? Any help would be appreciated

  • Now it becomes really difficult to access Netflix US from AU. Netflix is detecting users real IP with some DNS-browser trick like WebRTC, which caused one of my VPNs to stop working. Finally got it working again using “HIDE-MY-IP” VPN and a settings called DNS protection (that must be turned on) which blocks Netflix from seeing your real IP. now I can watch US Netflix again from AU without any issue.

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