How To Access Netflix US Using Your Netflix Australia Account

As many people feared, the range of content on Netflix Australia is much weaker than on US Netflix. Fortunately, it’s ridiculously easy to switch from one to the other and access whatever shows and movies you like on your computer. Here’s how.

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At current exchange rates, the Australian entry-level pricing for Netflix ($8.99 a month) is actually a little cheaper than the US ($US7.99 a month). Being charged in Australian dollars also means you won’t be slogged foreign currency charges on your credit card — so for Australians, that’s generally going to be a better choice. Except that Netflix US has far more content.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of Netflix’s traveller-friendly policies: if you take your device overseas, it will automatically switch you to the content available in that region. Using a VPN or similar technology, you can make your browser pretend that it’s in the US (or the UK, or any other market where you want to check out Netflix’s content).

The challenge is that decent free VPN services are few and far between. The best known is probably Hola Unblocker, but the way that extension behaves means we don’t recommend it anymore (and hence have removed the instructions concerning it from this post). Ultimately, if you’re keen to take advantage of region switching, paying for a VPN service will give you the best results.

Any VPN which offers region spoofing will work. You can check our guide to choosing a VPN for more information.

Just one mild warning: if you’re on one of the ISPs offering unmetered access to Netflix (iiNet or Optus), that won’t work if you use a VPN.

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