Netflix Gets A New, Redesigned App For Windows 10 With Live Tiles And Cortana Commands

Netflix Gets A New, Redesigned App For Windows 10 With Live Tiles And Cortana Commands

Netflix was always one of the Windows 10 apps most worth using, but this week it got a big update with a live tiles, a new interface, and Cortana integration.

The app has been rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up as a universal Windows 10 app, available for desktops and tablets now (with phones coming soon). The new app offers customisable live tiles that show artwork for shows you can “continue watching”, as well as a new interface much more reminiscent of the web view. Whether you prefer that to the old grid interface is up to you, though (I can’t seem to decide).

The search and Cortana integration is probably the coolest new feature:

The design of search results has also been updated, with suggested results for some searches. And, the new Netflix app features built-in Cortana commands, allowing you to control the experience and navigate across content using only your voice. You can issue commands like “Cortana, launch Netflix” or “Netflix, find ‘House of Cards.'” Other Cortana commands include “Netflix Search ‘House of Cards'”, “Netflix Look for ‘House of Cards'” and more.

And, of course, the app still has all the same great features it used to, like higher video quality than the web interface. So if you weren’t using it before, there’s no better time than now to start. Check out the link below for more.

Netflix Launches New Universal App for Windows 10 as Windows Store Reaches 2.5 Billion Visits [Windows Experience Blog]


  • But does it auto-play anything you open up to get more info on? The most recent versions of the PS4 app do that and it annoys me greatly.

  • Is it just me, or is there even less content with this app than the Aussie online version? Mind you the web version is kinda light on for content too.

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