DIY Pancake And Waffle Mix Ensures Breakfast At A Moment's Notice

DIY Pancake and Waffle Mix Ensures Breakfast at a Moment's Notice

As much as we love the practicality of overnight porridge or steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast, let's face it: sometimes you just want a maple syrup-topped stack of pancakes or waffles to start the day. Put those moments in arm's reach by keeping an everyday pancake and waffle mix on hand.

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As The Kitchn points out, a pre-made dry mix is an easy way to cut steps out of the pancake-making process without taking any shortcuts that compromise food quality or freshness. It's a mix of flour, sugar, baking powder and salt; just mix in wet ingredients (eggs, milk, butter, vanilla) when the mood strikes, and you're one hot pan away from a fresh flapjack.

Writer Tessa Huff adds:

Making it yourself means you will know the exact ingredients going into your own mix, you will be reducing waste by eliminating the package itself, and you'll probably even save a penny or two on ingredients.

The best part: this mix (recipe below) works for both pancakes and waffles, and can be adjusted to accommodate whole-grain flours or alternative sweeteners.

Recipe: Everyday Pancake & Waffle Mix [The Kitchn]


    I don't understand people who buy premade pancake mixes. You literally only need 3 ingredients. Flour, sugar, and milk. BAM. Pancakes.

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