Deseed A Pomegranate In 10 Seconds Using A Wooden Spoon


Pomegranates take a lot of work to peel and deseed. Forget the bowl of water; you can deseed a pomegranate in seconds with a wooden spoon.

We originally published this post a few years back using this YouTube video, but we’ve come back with an all-new video we filmed ourselves — in slow motion, so you can see the magic happening.

All you need to do is cut it in half as normal, push out the centre a bit, then just start whacking the back of it with a wooden spoon. If done correctly, all the seeds should fall right out into the bowl in just a few seconds. I’ve done this a few times, and it truly is awesome. Check out the video above to see it in action, or see the original video for a more detailed (and very long) explanation of how it works.

And, of course, check out all the other crazy kitchen tricks that can speed up your cooking like this one.


  • I’ve always found this to be a really inefficient method. You end up breaking the fruit and splattering juice everywhere (and that stuff stains easily), don’t end up getting all the seeds out of it and have to manually do the last bit anyway, and end up with big chunks of the white pithy stuff in the bowl that you have to manually sift through and remove.

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