What Is Your Number One Item To Bring On A Road Trip?

What Is Your Number One Item To Bring On A Road Trip?

Road trips are a fun — and cheap — way to travel. When planning your perfect road trip, you have a lot to think about, beyond the essentials. What is the top item you make sure to take with you for a great road trip?

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Help others plan an awesome road trip by adding your own beyond-the-basics suggestions below. Make sure to include why they should bring this item along.

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    • Take it one step further. A driving playlist on CD, ipod etc – make sure it’s full of good driving tunes – old and new. Also the greater the variety the more engaged you will remain and so more alert if you’re the driver.

  • A neck pillow – my wife always falls asleep on long trips and without it she wakes up in serious pain.

  • The essential for us is a “cable of doom” which is basically a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male stereo cable combined with a 3.5mm female to male stereo RCA connectors

    This combo (aka “cable of doom”) gives you options and allows you to pretty much hook your music into anything, from the AUX in a car, to the back of a hotel TV or basic sound system.

    I’d never leave home without it 🙂

  • My no spill Contigo travel mug and 4g WiFi device …… never hit the road without them.

  • Definitely music. Every time we do a road trip we make a new playlist and label it in iTunes with the place were going like “gold coast” then we can look at the road trips we have done

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