Spread Condiments In The Middle Of A Sandwich To Prevent Sogginess

Spread Condiments in the Middle of a Sandwich to Prevent Sogginess

If you like a little mayo or mustard in your sandwich, but you don't like soggy bread, try spreading those condiments in between your meats and/or cheeses. This careful layering approach could not only help prevent soggy sandwiches, it could keep them from falling apart when you try to take a bite.

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Other sogginess-inducing ingredients, like tomatoes, should go in the middle as well. Also try creating a butter and dried mustard barrier for your bread.

Both the Kitchn and the WonderHowTo links below will help you further perfect your sandwich-making skills.

The Best Ways to Pack Sandwiches [The Kitchn via WonderHowTo]


    Condiments in the middle? That's crazy talk. Condiments belong on the bread - if your mayo is making your sandwiches soggy, you're using the wrong mayo or bread.

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