Quickflix Realises That It's Terrible, Partners With Foxtel Presto

When we analysed the movie offerings on Australian subscription services recently, Quickflix came up looking like a very poor alternative to Netflix, Presto and Stan. Apparently Quickflix has reached the same conclusion, and has now decided it will need to offer Foxtel's Presto service to its customers as well.

The details of the arrangement are very vague at this point. Quickflix says it will continue to provide its rental DVD service, and will still offer streaming rentals of first-release movies (something Netflix, Stan and Presto don't do). What's less clear is whether it will dump its own very minimal range of streaming movies in favour of Presto. Update: Business Insider reports that Quickflix's existing streaming offering will indeed be replaced with Presto.

We still don't how much it will charge for the service, or how long we'll have to wait for that to happen — we're only told this will happen "in the coming months", and that its interface will be redesigned to offer Presto . We also don't know if it will maintain Presto's odd distinction between a movies-only service and a movies-plus-TV question.

Quickflix could certainly use the help: its library is the smallest of any of the major services, its share price has been in the toilet for months, and it is facing a barrage of competition. We'll keep an eye out for further developments.


    It's share price is up 200% with the news - from 1 cent to 3 cents.

      No, More accurately it has risen from $0.001 to $0.003, as in 1/10th of a cent.

      But not to worry, decimal places aren't that important when quoting share prices.

        A 200% increase is still a 200% increase. If you had $10,000 worth of shares, they're now worth $20,000 (although for how long ...)

    Quickflix Realises That It's Terrible, Partners With Foxtel Presto
    Woah! That's not just editorial comment, it's editorial gloveslap.

    Interesting choice of partner, though. Did they partner with Presto because they have something in common: being terrible?

    This article has some more insights into the situation, including the fact that Stan has shares in Quickflix and owns a warrant over them!


    I've always had this feeling that Quickflix are just waiting around for someone to buy them out.

    I'd imagine they were pretty disappointing when Newscorp/Foxtel/Telstra started Presto and Fairfax started Stan instead of buying them up.

    As cool as Netflix et al are, there's still a large population of people who are unable or unwilling to stream video. For them, and with the demise of retail video rental, QuickFlix' disc rental service is still viable.

      Or if you have a holiday home without wifi/internet and only a dvd player

    Go Quickflix. Very smart move for this smaller company to survive against the bigger boys. I truly hope they survive and grow.

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