Who Offers The Most Hours Of Streaming Movies And TV In Australia?

Subscription streaming services like Netflix and Stan generally refuse to disclose how many hours of content they offer, but those numbers can be a useful raw metric for deciding who provides the best value. Streaming search app Gyde has toted up the numbers on the five main services in Australia right now. Who comes out on top?

Here are Gyde's figures for the number of hours of TV and movies available on Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Presto, Foxtel Play and Quickflix.

Service TV Movies Total
Presto 2448 1561 4009
Netflix AU 4025 1723 5748
Foxtel Play 1911 1893 3804
Stan 4463 1626 6089
Quickflix 1549 761 2310

Here's that same information in a shiny chart:

Stan (a joint venture with Fairfax, owner of Lifehacker's publisher Allure Media) comes out on top of this comparison, but Gyde's announcement notes that Netflix has been adding content rapidly since its launch last month. Stan has the largest amount of Australian content, while Foxtel Play has the largest proportion of more recent TV series.

The number of hours isn't the only metric: the range of choices is also important. As we noted in a recent analysis, none of these services do well with recent box office hit movies — that's a market where you still need to buy outright or rent.


    Cool idea. Now do one by genre... particularly scifi.. coz.. geek.

    I'd like to see how SBS OnDemand compares. Not the same kind of service, obviously, but their movie catalogue is extensive.

    When it comes to these services in particular, its quality or quantity every time.

    So does presto or foxtel play do HD yet? If not, what is the point...

    I like Netflix since I can get access to more content by switching my region like this https://www.unblocknetflix.co.uk/best-usa-netflix-dns-vpn-uk-free-vs-paid/

    As a baseline, how much is available in a capital city, FTA (free to air)?
    24 hours per day gives 168 hours per week, per channel. Abc, One, SBS, SBS2, Seven, 7two, nine, go, gem, ten... thats 1680 hours per week. A fair bit of that is repeats, but the same could be said for streamed content.

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