Remove Kitchen Cabinets Yourself To Save Money On Your RemodelĀ 

Why pay someone else to demolish your kitchen when tearing everything down is the most fun part? Save some cash from that expensive remodel by doing your own demolition and providing the contractors with a blank slate to work with.

To tear down those cabinets, you'll need a cordless drill, hammer, pliers, flat bar, utility knife, wrecking bar, screwdriver, sledgehammer and reciprocating saw. Be sure to remove all appliances before you start, including the dishwasher, refrigerator and range, as well as the sink. Shut off all electrical, water and gas lines in preparation for the new kitchen.

Check out the video above and the link below to see the process in action.

How to Remove Kitchen Cabinets [House Improvements]


    We're in the middle of a renovation right now. We did this and saved hundreds. All we really needed was a cordless drill, a crow bar and an hour or two. We knocked down internal walls too, after getting the builder to install new support above them.

    I agree that tearing things down is the fun part of any renovation project. My husband and I moved into an older house, and right way we noticed all of the kitchen cabinet have the grossest, weirdest smell! Since you make it sound so easy, maybe we can tear them out ourselves. We can put the money we save on demolition cost towards some nice, new cabinets.

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