Make Sodium-Free Bacon At Home With Pork Belly

Make Sodium-Free Bacon at Home with Pork Belly

If you're trying to reduce your sodium intake — for health or other purposes — that usually means no bacon. This DIY process, however, gives you a chance to munch on the treat without consuming any salt.

Bacon, the tasty breakfast item that went on to have a successful solo career, is basically pork belly that's been soaked in brine or salt and then cured. As you can imagine, that ups the sodium content quite a bit. Jessica Goldman Foung at The Kitchn found a way to enjoy bacon, however, with a two-part cooking process that includes baking and frying pork belly to get that crispiness you crave, sans the salt. The entire "curing" and crisping process takes about an hour, which is relatively fast for homemade bacon of any kind.

Keep in mind that it's still bacon, so it's not that much healthier overall. However, if you're trying to cut back on sodium, it's either that or no bacon at all. You can find the complete recipe at the link below.

How to Make Your Own Sodium-Free Bacon [The Kitchn]


    It's not bacon; it's baked-and-fried pork.

    The one criterion for calling a piece of pork "bacon" is that it has to have been cured (either dry or wet).

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