What Do You Think Are The Most Overrated Sex Acts?

What Do You Think Are The Most Overrated Sex Acts?

In our last post, many of you told us that you think shower sex is overrated. You shared stories about sore muscles, sprained ankles and soap in all the wrong places. Today, we want to know more!

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What turn-ons are a turn-off for you? Tell us which other sexual acts you think are horribly overrated in the comments.


    Mile high club...

    Simple logistics. getting you and your partner in the bathroom without the flight attendants and passengers near the bathroom notice. Then there is the whole "having sex" in a room smaller than an elevator with no sound-proofing with a high likelihood of other people trying to use it when you are doing it.

    Just wait for the hotel room at the other end...

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    Any water type sex. Spa, pool, bath, shower. Water is terrible lube.

    Sand... sand and beaches are bad...

      I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

        Haha. Tip of the hat for the Ep II reference. My brain read that in Christenson's voice before it even registered as a reference to that movie.

      This. My ex would agree. Had sex on a beach once, sand got inside her, a grain cut the inside wall of her vagina. She was sore for *days* plus she ended up with an infection from it, not a happy gf at the time... lol

    The whole idea you need to be in the relationship to experience meaningful sex.

    Threesomes....foursomes....moresomes...Oh, wait...those are awesome!

    Camping sex isn't overrated. It's f#*king in tents!
    Couldn't help myself...

    In the hay. Scratch, dust up your nostrils, insects....

    Hmmm.... just sex in general. I don't miss it at all

      Are you A-Sexual?

    69ing... Honestly I'd rather the both of us just got to concentrate, I don't rate it at all

      I was going to say exactly this. It ruins both things.

    Shower sex. Attempted many, many times. Succeeded once.

    Anal sex. Honestly it's just a pain in the arse.

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