What Do You Think Are The Most Underrated Sex Acts? [NSFW]

What Do You Think Are The Most Underrated Sex Acts? [NSFW]

Last month, you told us about your most overrated sex acts (sex in the great outdoors was frequently mentioned). Now we want to know about the underrated ones.

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What parts of your sexual repertoire don’t get the respect they deserve? Tell us in the comments.


  • probably the thing where girls put TV remotes ‘in’ me and make me watch dawsons creek while changing the volume with the remote still in my ass. I think it’s great

  • At this point in my life the best sex is when someone as well as me turns up to the party……..i’m not picky anymore, anyone will do………..hello……….yes even you…………..call me 😉

  • Enemas, I normally find that the more painful they are the more satisfaction I get… next up is fire ants.

  • When a girl continues blowing you while you’re cumming and for about a minute afterwards.. it’s the beeeeeeeeeeest.

  • Having sex with a girl from behind. When your about to blow, pull out, and catch it into your hand. Wait till she turns around and then slap it into her face while yelling “Bam!”

  • I guess you never saw any of these coming…

    Or not coming…

    Though I think the fire-ants is something I’d pay to watch happen in real time.

  • Cuissade anal. Allows for maximum depth penetration and allows the guy to observe his lover. The tightness and the taboo nature of the act always intensifies it exponentially.

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