Use Cable Ties To Make An iPhone Cycling Mount

You can buy dedicated iPhone bike mounts if you're so inclined, but this nifty hack makes it simple to affix an iPhone in a secure case to the front of any bike at very low cost.

Picture: Anthony Caruana

It's courtesy of friend of Lifehacker (and sometime contributor) Anthony Caruana, who hit upon the solution of using cable ties with an existing iPhone case that came with a belt clip, which is what he's adapted into a bike mount with a few simple, cheap and easily replaceable cable ties.

Caruana does note that it wobbles slightly, and a Bluetooth headset is recommended for when you're riding.

DIY iPhone Cycling Mount [Run And Lift]


    Or buy a smart watch attach that to your handle bars or your hand...
    Less likely you new $900 phone will be destroyed.

    Does this work with any other type of phone. Can cable ties be used for something like an HTC, or a Samsung for that matter. What about a Nokia?

    Obviously suppliers like Huawei wouldn't be cable tie compatible with their earlier phones, but what about newer phones like the Mate7?

    Hi Jackson. It's all about the case rather than the phone. The case I used from Otterbox has a belt clip that I was able to fasten with the cable ties.

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