Make Your Own Cable Wraps Out Of Old Bungee Cords

Make Your Own Cable Wraps Out Of Old Bungee Cords

There are a lot of great ways to keep your cables organised, and using something to secure them is a big help. If you have some old bungee cords and other materials lying around your workshop, you can turn them into the perfect reusable cable wrap.

When it comes to cable wraps, a lot of people prefer Velcro, but these can work just as well if not better since you can size them however you like. This build from the Make YouTube channel explains how to put these useful little guys together with only a few tools. Just cut some bungee cord to the length you want, cut some small pipe pieces (or whatever you’re using), and drill two wholes wide enough for the cord to pass through. You can use anything you have around for the PVC pipe portion, even corks if they’re big enough. Now you can organise and store your cables and extension cords in style.

DIY Cable Wraps [YouTube]

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