Store Your Extension Cords Knot-Free With The Chain Link Method

There are a lot of different ways to manage your cables and cords, but extension cords can be a whole different breed. This method for wrapping and storing makes them easy to access and prevents any kind of snags or knots.

In this video, YouTuber DirtFarmerJay demonstrates how to coil your cord chain link style and why it's one of the best ways to do it. You start by bringing the male and female ends together and connecting them so the entire cord's length is halved. Then you form a loop, flip it upside down, and pull the cord through. You repeat the process until you have a nice chain of extension cord. What's nice is that you can undo only the amount you need and it won't undo the whole thing, and you can uncoil it quickly if do you need the whole cord.

Best Way to Store an Extension Cord [YouTube via Make]


    Alternatively, just coil it properly so you don't have a long chain.

      This is the only way I coil anything; be it cable, rope or hose. If you do it right you can just dump the coil on the ground and walk out what you need.
      This guys chain method is overly complicated.

    Technically you should never used a lead that is coiled up. You make a nice inductor. It can heat the cable up and can cause insulation to melt.

      True if you are drawing a fair bit of current and or have lots of coils.
      Notice how a vacuum cleaner gets hot when you don't pull the retracting cord all the way out.

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