Ask LH: Will House Of Cards Season 3 Ever Reach iTunes?

Hi Lifehacker, Now that Netflix is available in Australia, will House Of Cards Season 3 be released to iTunes? I am travelling Australia throughout 2015 with my family and do not have enough bandwidth to stream it via Netflix. Thanks, Francis's Biggest Fan

Dear FBF,

Both previous seasons of House Of Cards have ended up on the iTunes Store both in Australia and in the US, so we're sure that it will happen eventually (and won't actually be dependent on whether Netflix is here or not). The question is how long you need to wait.

We haven't seen word of an official release date, but the projected release date for the DVD is October 31. It's possible it might appear on iTunes (and Google Play) before then, but on the whole we'd imagine that's an indicative time frame. So you might have to download other shows to keep you entertained in the meantime.

Cheers Lifehacker

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