Ask LH: Can I Use Netflix In iTunes From Australia?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a question that could be beneficial to a lot of readers. Since the most recent Apple TV updates, it has been possible for US iTunes account holders to start a NetFlix subscription using their iTunes accounts. Would you be able to find out whether it is possible to do so by using US gift cards instead of a credit card? If that is possible that makes it even easier to access Netflix from Australia, all you would need is a suitable VPN/DNS service, plus a US iTunes card. Thanks, Flix Fancier

Dear Flix Fancier

This is a tough one to test without splashing out some cash. I'm facing a similar dilemma with access to the NBA.

In theory, if you used a US-based VPN service (DNS won't help as we'd all just use Google's DNS and destroy all international boundaries) and route all your Internet traffic through that connection you could bypass NetFlix's localisation rules.

That's not impossible to do. For example, if you have a router that works with the DD-WRT open source firmware then it may be possible to configure the router to connect to a VPN service. However, all of your web traffic will be routed through that.

Another option might be to source an old PC with two network cards. Set up a VPN client on that machine and then connect one network card to the Apple TV and the other to your network. That will route the Apple TV's traffic through the PC's VPN connection.

In theory, this would work as long as Netflix isn't wise to the whole VPN thing in which case, you're screwed.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    Netflix is not wise to the VPN thing, I accessed it for ages via a VPN but canceled my account after I stopped using it.

      You wrote: I then cecikld Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then cecikld properties.I cecikld the radio button to use the following DNS server address. I could not find the radio button after I cecikld Internet ProtocolCould you please be more clear

    I use rather than a VPN to bypass the region restrictions. It costs about US$6 a month and you just set a custom DNS in the Apple TVs network settings. Voila!

      +1 to unblockus, works flawlessly and gives you acess to netflix and hulu (hulu plus is a trickier one to sign up to though)

      +2. works really well with Netflix (and Pandora, another favourite service of mine). I set up the DNS settings in my router so I can access blocked content from all devices, not just my Apple TV

      +3 currently using netflix hulu pandora on my pc and xbox without a hitch

      +3 for unblock-us. I use that and was able to setup a Netflix account using an Australian credit card. Works a treat on the Apple TV.

        +4 Great Service Get Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime streamed on my apple tv, roku, nexus s and comp. :)

    +1 netflix works on appletv and ipad. We don't even have an antenna plugged in to our tv! netflix FTW

    VPN + AU credit card works fine.

    ++++1 is much easier to use. It just functions on demand where the VPN u need to connect as needed and also slows down your connection. With unblock-us the non techy people of your house dont need to know or do anything. Plus if you access PayPal account while VPN is on - your PayPal gets locked. Choice is simple

    +2 for cheaper than a Vpn.. if you set it up in your router as DNS server, no extra config needed

    +2 for cheaper than a Vpn.. if you set it up in your router as DNS server, no extra config needed

    What's the performance of Netflix and Hulu like using unblock-us?

    Really good using unblock. Can't tell your in aust. In fact watching Netflix right now

    Sorry, Anothony, did you research this topic before you replied. Unblock Us is awesome, I have a few friend and family all using it, it just use DNS. They love it.
    But I think the question was asking if they could pay for netflix using iTunes cards, which I'm not sure if you can, but direct debit is just as easy, get a pre paid visa credit card instead. you dont need us itunes cards to get netflix or unblock us. I've set it up on ATV2 and iPad 2(was more work, installing netflix app and returning to Aust store). is a free alternative. Or you can use unodns / .

    I have a question regarding using, say, Unblock US, alongside a player - such as the WD TV Live Streaming, or XBOX 360, and accessing BBC iPlayer (via the relevant xbox or WD TV app) or Channel 4 OD or ITV...
    Cheers all

    You can also use this guide here:

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