Chrome Now Warns You If A Site Encourages Crapware Downloads

Another handy addition to the security features in Google's Chrome browser: it will pop up a warning if a site encourages the downloading of toolbars, search enhancers and other unwanted junk that messes up your system.

Chrome will now display the notice above if Google has detected dubious links or advertising on a site. Google says that if a site is registered with Webmaster Tools, it will notify site owners if that kind of warning is about to be added to the site.

In a workplace environment, security settings should mean dubious apps can't be installed anyway. However, in an increasingly BYOD-centric world, every additional layer helps.

More Protection from Unwanted Software [Google Online Security Blog via Google Operating System]


    Won't be long before you can't even move ahead to the site. Chrome is becoming a huge steaming pile.

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