Which Australian Stores Offer The Most Bargains?

Which Australian Stores Offer The Most Bargains?

OzBargain — one of our favourite sources of deals — has just published its summary of which companies had the most deals featured in the site in 2014. The biggest source of bargains? Dick Smith.

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Here are the top 10 stores on the site, ranked by number of deals that featured on the front page. Deals appear on the front page based on community votes, so that’s a decent indicator of being a good source of deals.

Store # of 2014 deals
Dick Smith 362
Amazon.com 266
Kindle Books 260
Woolworths 229
iTunes/iOS app deals 205
Coles 163
Udemy 127
Target 100
JB Hi-Fi 100
Harvey Norman 92

The full post linked below has a lot more data — interesting reading.

OzBargain Zeitgeist 2014 : Top stores, deals and comments [OzBargain Blog]


  • Shouldn’t there be an explanation of what a “deal” actually is for these guys..?
    Particularly for stores like Harvey Norman, where gouging the customer is the norm..!

  • Udemy is a case in point. People putting stuff that is often arguably below youtube quality out there for purchase for $$$, and then when there isn’t much uptake, they roll the dice and make it available for free or at a big discount, hoping to get PR and maybe some cash out of it.

  • But stuff like Woolies|Coles is really misleading. You get the weekly catalog post, but then singles get split out of it, teasers are posted, things in one shop for clearance – the number doesn’t mean much.

  • These are a list of the stores offering bargains last year, this year might be different
    Want to know where the bargains are today then follow OzBargain.
    There is an app for android.

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