Five Best Deal Sites

Last week's Click Frenzy debacle proved that we've got a keen appetite for hunting down bargains. Click Frenzy might have been more whimper than bang, but there are plenty of functional sites that make it easy to hunt down good deals. These are our five favourites.

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Here at Lifehacker, we track technology deals through our Dealhacker posts and provide exhaustive coverage of mobile phone plans and Internet service providers through our regular Planhacker columns, while Elly's daily App Deals roundup lets you know the best discounted and free apps. But that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding discounts that work for Australian shoppers. (Note that we haven't included group deal sites or cashback sites in this roundup; those are separate categories we'll revisit another time.)


OzBargain takes a community-driven approach — readers submit deals and vote on them, so the best options are always clearly visible. That makes it the ideal first port of call for checking out discounts of all stripes, whether that's a deal from a national chain on cheap DVDs or a giveaway of free drinks at a railway station that's only going to run for an hour. You can browse the site casually without a membership, but the free signup is worth it: as well as letting you vote on and submit deals yourself, you can also customise what you see, so you can block categories that don't interest you.

Catch Of The Day

Catch Of The Day remains the best known of the "daily deal" sites, offering a single product for sale for just 24 hours. The site has expanded its remit since then, and now offers a range of items (as well as launching spin-off sites such as GroceryRun). Not everything the site sells is worth swooping on, but it does regularly offer discounted prices on name-brand goods.


Lasoo aggregates the catalogues from major retailers and puts them in a searchable format. If your preference is to shop in actual stores rather than head online, it's a very useful resource for identifying what's currently on sale. (While many of the retailers Lasoo lists do sell online as well, its emphasis remains clearly on bricks-and-mortar products.) Its search systems are efficient and easily let you narrow down results to a specific retailer.


While strictly speaking staticICE is a pure search engine rather than a forum for highlighting deals, it's an essential tool whenever you're looking to buy computer hardware. Any time you've found a bargain on hardware elsewhere, it's worth a quick check to see if staticICE can identify a cheaper price.

Gift Cards On Sale

Lifehacker readers will know that we often highlight good deals on iTunes cards, in line with our belief that they're the best way to buy anything through the iTunes store. Gift Cards On Sale aims to cover every current Australian iTunes card deal, as well as any other deals on gift cards in the local market. If you're a very regular buyer, it's worth bookmarking.

Honourable mention this week to RetailMeNot, which is US-centric but has handy listings for discount coupons in some categories (anyone for pizza?)

Got another favourite deal site that we've missed? Tell us in the comments. (Again, we're not looking at group deal or cashback sites this time around.)

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    You listed all if the best, except whirlpool forums can also be very useful.
    I would have left out catch of the day. This site is mediocre at best. It has many equivalent rivals (eg. Deals direct and zazz) that are just as mediocre. is good as well, if a little less user-friendly than OzBargains.

      Thanks for pointing out this web-site. I'm also quite happy with - lots of reviews and fare reviews.

    2nd the mediocre range of deal sites.

    It when the sell 10 vouchers for 10% off each, and then suggest that the total saving is 100% - why don't they sell 11 vouchers, and that way people could make money by buying their offer of the day.

    Thanks for the OzBargain mention Angus/Lifehacker.

    It's sometimes useful to monitor the overseas bargain sites as well, especially for shopping events like Black Friday / Cyber Monday. I'd suggest http://www.hotukdeals for the UK. I generally follow the deal section.

    For the US, I look at Dealnews ( and Slickdeals (

    In line with Staticice, I'd add Google Shopping as a good price comparison website. Google picks up Officeworks prices which are usually bad but good to know if you want to do a pricematch.

    Don't forget about

    I often find really good deals on clothing and fashion and their blog has some pretty interesting stuff on gaming and travel too. is also good to find deals..It comprises all the great deals from all over the australian dealsites. is a pretty nice site as well if you are looking for deals.

    I have used for my deal and it has given good response as a free website. I can not find more free deal submission sites. If any sites similar are there in Australia i would like to know more about them. One i know TopBargain - please update if any others are there. We have a deal of 55% off deal at to submit on such deal sites

      OzBargain is fantastic way of getting attention to sales (only if you have a great product and service). Worked really well for us! I'd also love to know if there are any more similar sites. We always have great value discounts on different countries International Prepaid Travel SIM Cards (particularly USA ones) at
      p.s. those canvas' look great. Making one now! :) How long before I can expect it in the mail from ordering?

      Last edited 30/09/14 10:26 am

        Btw they are under new management and have moved to:

        Last edited 30/09/15 11:45 pm is also great for coupon codes, and the site is really easy to navigate quickly - so you're not wasting time searching through huge lists of deals is good too. I get cheap products from there. I just subscribed to their mailing list and they send me updates of their latest deals. if you need lighting or electrical deals. Only branded quality products and prices are reasonably low.

    What's with DealsCollect, it's same as IWantThatFlight

    Most bargain websites are plagued with trash deals that you'll end up spending time/money for browsing/buying low quality stuff that are not necessary.

    If you're on facebook, I highly recommend joining Bargain Sharing Australia >> which I'm a member of. I find the deals posted by members of this community to be very useful and you don't need to spend your time browsing as the deals just run through your feed while you're fb'ing anyway.

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