Five Apps That Will Change How You Run Your Small Business

Five Apps That Will Change How You Run Your Small Business

Mobile devices are for more than just calling, email, social media and selfies. There are some truly remarkable apps that allow you to operate your business on the go – or completely change the way you do things. Here are five of our favourites.

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1. Deputy

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Download: iOS, Android

2. Invoice2go

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Download: iOS, Android

3. Evernote

The ultimate note taking tool – if you’re not using Evernote, you need to do yourself a favour and hit download right now. With a clean interface, tagging tools and searchable text you save directly to a cloud you can access from any device. It saves websites, typed notes, PDF’s, images, handwriting, itineraries, schedules, lists, contacts — if you need to remember it, this is the only place you will ever need to store it.

Download: iOS, Android

4. Timely

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DownloadAll Platforms

5. Vend

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Download: iOS



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