You Can Use Azure To Back Up Individual Windows Computers

Backup is one of the most obvious uses for cloud computing. A new update to Azure now allows individual Windows 7, 8 and 8. 1 machines to be automatically backed up into Azure.

The backup happens at a scheduled time each day (your machine needs to be on for it to work). The backup option uses an encryption passphrase that is only provided to the end user. If you misplace that phrase, even an Azure administrator won't be able to help you.

Hit the announcement post for more details on how the process works and how to set it up.

Azure Backup – Announcing Support for Windows Client Operating System [Azure Blog]


    As long as the court case is there of the USA government trying to get data out of Ireland... this isn't a great idea.

    Not to mention the unknown number of requests that Microsoft might just silently cave into.

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