Hyper-V Recovery Manager Automates Windows Azure Disaster Recovery

Deploying software on a private or hybrid cloud doesn’t eliminate the need to have a backup in case things go wrong. Microsoft’s newly-released Hyper-V Recovery Manager automates the process of restoring backups from Windows Azure if something goes awry in your cloud implementation.

The service, which uses the Hyper-V Replica features of Windows Server 2012 R2, launched as a trial in October 2014. You manage it via Azure, and can automate restores in the event of a power outage or other system failure.

Hyper-V Recovery Manager costs $US16.15 per month per virtual machine protected, calculated on the average number of VMs active daily over the course of the month. There’s a launch special where the service is half-price ($US8.08) until 28 February. (You’ll also be paying the costs associated with storing those Hyper-V backups in Azure, of course.)

Announcing the GA of Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager [In The Cloud]


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