Make Homemade Food Colouring With Common Fruits And Vegetables

Make Homemade Food Colouring     with Common Fruits and Vegetables

If you're trying to get away from chemicals and artificial food colours, you can make dyes at home using fruits and vegetables you can pick up at the supermarket or greengrocer.

Photo by Alice Henneman

Food colouring can brighten up icing and dough, so it's a worthy pursuit if you like to make your food look as good as it tastes. Charity Curley Mathews, founder of, searched high and low for good homemade food colouring recipes and explains the perfect method over at the Food Network Blog. Mathews suggests these fruits and veggies for the three primary colours:

To make red, use raspberries, pure pomegranate juice or roasted beets.

To make yellow, use raw carrots or mangoes.

To make blue, use radicchio or red cabbage.

Every other colour you can think of is possible as long as you make those three. Fruits, roots and cabbage each have their own method, and you'll need a blender or juicer and a strainer to do it right. Each process is fairly simple, so check out the link below to see how you can create dye with each different kind of ingredient.

How to Make Homemade Food Colouring [Food Network Blog]


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